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Group Fitness

Guys only FIGHTING FIT class in Oxshott 0900 Saturdays.

Come and punch and crunch your way to fitness and learn some neat self defence tips. 
To book and pay please call David on 07850 102568 or PTC Oxshott on 01372 844801.

For the Girls we have 'ADVENTURE BOOT CAMP' in Oxshott every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 0845. 
We are delighted to have teamed up with Kate Staples and Daley Thompson OBE from 'Adventure Boot Camp'. 

Also in Fulham at 0545 Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 


For other Adventure Bootcamp locations click on the Adventure Bootcamp icon on the homepage. 

Get rid of the kids at school, then come and have fun and get fit with all your friends. Then you can go to Starbucks, but be careful. 

To book please click on the link below:- 

Oxshott 'Adventure Boot Camp' 

Fulham 'Adventure Boot Camp'